Allen West “The Unlearned Lesson from Ferguson, Missouri” 

There was a remembrance march held in Ferguson, Missouri that was supposed to be peaceful in nature. It started as such but ended differently. Written by Allen B. West for Townhall: I must first ask, why was there a remembrance march for the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown? Was the intention […]

FBI has taken possession of Hillary Clinton’s emails, Server Next?

A U.S. official says the FBI has taken possession of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails, a few of which have been deemed to contain classified information. Watch the latest video at As Reported By Fox News: WASHINGTON –  Hillary Clinton will turn over the personal email server she used while serving as secretary of state […]

Greta asks Allen West “Is Donald Trump The New Tea Party?” Watch His Response

Greta” Many now comparing Donald Trump to the message of the Tea Party” She asks Col Allen West what he thought about this comparison. (Video provided by my friends at BB4SP) Allen West on why he feels Trump, Carson and Fiorina are resonating with we the people. “People Are Looking For The Outsiders. They are […]