Carson Continues To Push Back, Attacks “Political Correctness”

Carson Continues To Push Back, Attacks “Political Correctness” A defiant Ben Carson returned to campaign in his home state on Wednesday as the retired neurosurgeon continued to push back against the firestorm he ignited this week after answering a hypothetical question asked by Meet The Press on Sunday. Carson, the Republican presidential candidate gaining ground […]

Just when you thought the e-mail story couldn’t get worse for Hillary [Video]

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal just took a drastic turn for the worse. As Reported By The Washington Post: After several weeks of relative dormancy, the story of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server surged back into the news Tuesday night, with a trio of stories that suggest things are going to get worse before they […]

Allen West “Obama’s Foreign Policy Vacuum”

The intended purpose for vacuums is to clean, pick up dirt that we cannot often see with the naked eye … But when it comes to foreign policy there is another type of vacuum. Written By Allen B. West For Townhall: As I write this missive, it is Monday morning and I am in New […]