ODD: Why Is Obama’s Townhall An Invitation Only Event?

As Written By Oliver Darcy for The Blaze: A town hall event with President Barack Obama set to take place at George Mason University on Thursday is closed to students and the general public, according to an email sent to students by a university administrator. “CNN is hosting a Town Hall with President Barack Obama […]

DISTRESSING: Obama eyes 6 military bases to house surge of illegals 

The new surge of illegal immigrant youths has forced the federal government to look at an emergency plan to house them at six military bases at at least two federal worker centers, according to the administration. As Written By PAUL BEDARD for The Washington Examiner: The Pentagon is beginning “site assessments” at bases as far north as […]

TransCanada sues Obama administration

TransCanada to file 2 legal challenges to Obama administration. As Written By JUAN A. LOZANO for The Seattle Times: HOUSTON (AP) — The Canadian company that proposed the Keystone XL oil pipeline on Wednesday filed a lawsuit over the U.S. government’s rejection of the project and announced it plans to file a second legal challenge […]

Hillary could face criminal indictment in next 60 days

As Written By Sarah Westwood for The Washington Examiner: A former U.S. attorney thinks Hillary Clinton could face a criminal indictment from the FBI within the next 60 days. Joe DiGenova, a Republican U.S. attorney appointed by President Reagan, said Clinton’s “biggest problem right now” is the open FBI investigation into the contents of her […]