Allen West “What the U.S. just had to BEG Russia for is SICKENING!”

If there’s one thing I despise it’s when our country is made to appear weak and embarrassed on a global stage. As Written By Allen B. West: I always enjoy hearing liberal progressives state that under President George W. Bush, America wasn’t liked. They say our reputation in the world was damaged, and that they, […]

Conservatives Issue WARNING to Senate Majority on SCOTUS Pick

The conservative base of the GOP is sending a message to the leadership. How well it will be received and what actions will or will not be taken, remain to be seen. This is probably one of the most constitutionally important picks that has faced our nation in a long time. Read the considerations in this article.   […]

Democrats to Hold Nation HOSTAGE to Get Liberal Justice

Who is the real Party of No? It is actually the Democrat party. They have no qualms about putting the nation at risk to get their liberal Supreme Court Justice nominated. This would bring a major shift in the SCOTUS and lead to a totally unconstitutional minded series of findings. Our freedoms  will vanish under […]

Russia Requests Surveillance Flights Over the United States Based on THIS?

WTH?  What in the world is the Treaty on Open Skies? Have you ever heard of it? Do you remember that the United States and many nations, including Russia, signed this deal back in 1992 and it went into effect in 2002? Signature nations can request and arrange to overfly each other and do military surveillance. This treaty was […]