Why Obama’s GITMO Points Don’t Fly

President Obama has put for a string of arguments to justify the closing of the terrorist detention camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. Most of these arguments are fabricated with the only goal being the closing of this facility. This article by Jim Waurishuk, a retired USAF colonel, with an extensive intelligence background, debunks […]

Is Single Source Healthcare in Obama’s 2017 Budget?

Rationing of health care has been one of the great bugaboos of the Affordable Care Act (sic), also known as Obamacare. Well, President Obama’s 2017 budget proposal carries on with his family tradition of a single source health system. He wants to regulate and negotiate the costs of medicines. That will lead to no medicines […]

The War On Cops Continues

The gun control crowd has been strangely silent. Not only are they silent about a Deputy Sheriff being killed and two wounded, but the accused killer is a leftists and an Occupy Denver activists. I guess that it does not fit their narrative very well. What does fit the narrative is that this violence is […]

Why Fraudulent Elections May Be The New Norm

Are honest and open elections a thing of the past? If you believe that only United States citizens are qualified to vote in an election, then the answer appears to be yes. This article addresses the factors that have aligned to change the voter base to align with the liberl, progressive, socialist agendas. Read with […]