An End To Hillary Emails? Nope, Even MORE Withheld

One can only speculate what the State Department is covering up in this release. Two more emails are being withheld from release. One is between Hillary and Obama. Probably not classified, but you can only speculate about how embarrassing or damaging this email might be. There are now 19 in this category. What about the other one? Criminal investigation is involved? Will […]

Establishment Fights Death of Backroom Deals

This is one of the more encouraging interviews to come out in support of Donald Trump in day to day news. For the record, America has been promised transparency in government for many, many past elections. The elected politicians have been at best only from translucent down to: “You’ll have to read it to see what’s in it.” Apparently, the electorate […]

Here’s the most important thing YOU can do in 2016 (other than vote) 

I’ve earned many titles in my life but this past Saturday in Williamsburg, Virginia I had the pleasure of donning a special title. I was the Saturday evening keynote speaker for the “Leaders Inspiring Faith and Freedom to America” summit. As Written By Allen B. West: I am the honorary chairman of the Congressional Prayer […]

Allen West “Eye-opening: ONE number shows how crucial it is for GOP to win in 2016”

Welcome to the dumbing down of these United States of America — horribly true with even more horrific ramifications. As Written By Allen B. West: The current presidential election cycle has become more reality TV than anything else. And again, I’m not paying much attention to the contest within America’s new Socialist Party between an […]