Obama Admin Reverses Course Again

Obama reverses course re the Iran Nuke Inspections. Always a day late and a dollar short, the Obama administration had said yesterday that lack of detailed inspections was no big deal. After much vocal criticism, it has become a big deal today, after all. How they could have possibly thought it acceptable that being informed of a violation of […]

Hillary Benefactor May be Guilty of Bribery?

A Hillary Clinton benefactor may be guilty of bribery according to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).  There is an old adage that you are known by the company you keep. In this case it reads like Hillary Clinton and Qualcomm have been keeping company for over half a Billion dollars, give or take a few […]

White Privilege Shaming in the U.S. Army?

White Privilege appears to be the race card de jour every where you go. In this case some ambitious trainer, aligned with the progressive agenda, lowered the boom on the poor troops that were the captive audience. It had to be an uncomfortable event for all those in attendance because they were already brothers in arms. Judicial […]