ISIS Actively Seeking What?

ISIS has ambitions to bring pain and suffering to our shore. One way they desire to do that is through cyber warfare. They do not have a sophisticated capability yet, but they are seeking it. How long before they recruit the raw talent and develop the technologies to achieve this goal? Cyber space is one of our vulnerabilities. This nation is ‘hooked up’ […]

What Happens to Rubio Delegates?

In the hunt for Republican delegates, what happens to the ones that no longer have a candidate? Are they free to be picked up like money found on the sidewalk? What are the guidelines and rules and laws that govern who a delegate will vote for and when? It all depends on which State you are from. […]

Who Should Trump Consider for Foreign Policy? Allen West Weighs In

Donald Trump has kept quiet on who he consults on foreign policy. Former congressman Allen West goes ‘On the Record’ on who Donald Trump may want to consult on foreign policy and more. Who did Allen West suggest? Watch this video. Watch the latest video at You have to be very serious and cannot be […]