Why Conservatives Should Make SCOTUS Pick An Elections Issue

Yes, the Supreme Court needs to be made an election issue. The reason is not that the winner gets to make the appointment to the open seat. Justice Scalia’s death has already caused it to be one election issue. The real reason it should be an issue has to do with the Court legislating from the […]

Terrorist Planned to Attack Nuclear Plants

The Brussels bombers seemed to have had their sights set upon more than just the four bombings that they carried out. Evidence is already coming to light of what they had planned to include in their attacks. The ramifications for all nuclear powered nations just became immense and frightening. Some intelligence analysts  are saying that as […]

Allen West: Provide for the Common Defense Now! Petition

Don’t let President Obama and Congress put our national security on the line. Sign the NCPA’s “Provide for the Common Defense Now!” Petition and take a stand for a strong, fiscally responsible national defense. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION Here are the five points of the petition as constructed by NCPA and Executive Director, Allen […]