Obama Claims Iran Not Playing Fair

President Obama’s world view really does seem to be that of a community organizer at times. One can almost hear the President crying out, “Not Fair! Not Fair!” as he decries Iran’s actions. Would someone please tell him that there is no agreement with Iran that can hold them iron clad to anything. They have […]

Obama Could Have Stopped ISIS Says Ex CIA Operative

President Obama’s inaction on plans presented to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad from power facilitated emergence of ISIS per ex CIA Operative. One of the marks of good leadership is the ability to foresee problems and then take action to prevent the problem from happening. This appears to not be that case of good leadership. As Written […]

Gates Charges President Obama with DOUBLECROSS

Robert Gates, the former Secretary of defense under President Barack Obama, has revealed that he felt double-crossed over the Pentagon budget. It is felt by many experts that the Defense budget has been cut to the point of hollowing out our Armed Forces. Mr Gates reveals that the cuts he made were on a promise that it […]