Japanese submarine and destroyers arrive in Philippines

Japan has sent a flotilla to Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippine Islands. Now there can be a lot of speculation on the reason for the visit. The most common thought it has to do with the tensions China has created over the Spratly Islands. The stated reason is that it is the precursor to a fleet […]

ICE Released 5,300 Criminals in THIS State?!

Over the period of 2011-2014 ICE has released 5,300 criminals back into the State of Georgia. The crimes vary from DUIs to assault and rape. The crimes committed  were NOT reviewed by Immigration officials for their seriousness. It seemed to have devolved into whether or not there was a prison bed somewhere for them at […]

Clinton Emails Case Highlights Dangers to National Security

One aspect of National Security is about guarding the secrets that our adversaries could use against us. All personnel involved in classified information at any level are taught from the beginning that Personal Security is Job One. What this means is that the security forces cannot oversee every particle of secret information that is being processed. It is […]

Cyber Attack: Who’s in Charge?

In the event of a cyber attack on the infrastructure of the United States, it would be essential for the Pentagon to know who is in charge of what to bring order to the situation.  The government bureaucracy, however,  seems to be replaying Abbott and  Costello’s “Whose on First?”routine: “I dunno. Third Base!” Obviously a cyber event will be a complicated situation and it […]