Political Correctness Sees BACKLASH at Stanford?

In a startling development at Stanford University in California, Political Correctness may no longer be PC. There may be a grass roots backlash against trigger warnings, safe spaces, and the political police. The Stanford Review is sponsoring a petition to restore Western Culture studies to the curriculum. This seems to be a movement among the students themselves to remove the oppressive progressive cultural that insists upon […]

Allen West “Here’s The Latest Episode of Stuck on Stupid”

Okay, please refrain from using all expletives coming to mind right now. Does anyone else see the abject incompetence being displayed here — scarily so?  ~ Allen West  As Written By Allen B. West: And here is the latest episode of “Stuck on Stupid.” I truly love it when folks pipe up after a horrific […]

General, Don’t Even Mention China

It appears that the Obama administration wants to get out the exit door next year without offending China over the simmering South China Sea issues. The gag order from Obama via Susan Rice came before a nuclear summit meeting last Thursday in which China’s Xi Jinping was in attendance. It appears that President Obama wanted to do so some private negotiation with China. […]