Allen West with Sawyer Smith “Islamic Terrorism and What to do about ISIS”

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel retired and former U.S. Congressman Allen West is now Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis. He talks extensively to Sawyer Smith (former intern for Allen West) about the most obvious Islamic terrorism and what to do about ISIS. H/T BB4SP Admit that the enemy does exist and it doesn’t […]

Allen West “Before you file your taxes this year, remember this ONE thing”

The role of government in a free society is to promote policies that enable individuals to pursue their own happiness and find economic empowerment. ~ Allen West As Written By Allen B. West: That infamous date is coming next week: April 15th, tax day — well, that is if you didn’t get an extension. You […]

Allen West “YES! New bill can STOP OBAMA in his tracks”

The safety of Americans should not be a pawn in some game of political ideology and campaign promises. ~ Allen West As Written By Allen B. West: Finally, FINALLY someone is stepping up to the plate to stop the insidious Obama release of GITMO unlawful enemy combatants. As reported by the Washington Examiner, “Sen. Kelly […]