Four Star Officers On The Chopping Block!?

There is an item in the Armed Forces budget to reduce the number of Four Star officers in the ranks. It is easy to fall into the agrument that we need fewer Chiefs and more Indians. The rationale is that they will trade off for more troops. The numbers do not add up. It is no […]

Allen West: The Hidden Enemy in Cyber War

Cyber warfare has become a real battlefront in the national security. While there is not a ‘hot war’ between the United States and the communist nations, there are, in fact, daily battles being fought on the internet. The internet provides access to and the ability to attack our industries. The theft of intellectual properties will reduce […]

President Obama’s Left Flank Movement of the Armed Forces

Social engineering of the United States Armed Forces has reached new levels under the Obama administration. Not since the 1980;s have the personnel of our armed forces been called upon to accept so much progressive agenda. The Pentagon went social networking on Twitter this week to encourage troops to enjoy Earth Day. They should be focused on […]