$600,000 Dollars in Tax-Payer Money Used For What?

$600,000 is an awful lot of taxpayer money. A deplorables family could get by a very long time on that sum. It is all taxpayer money and it went to support your Senators. It was not spent in the way that it was intended by most of us, it was used to buy off sexual harassment charges.

We are already of how the House spent some of its money to buy off victims claims. We even have the names of some Congressmen that had lawsuits settled for them using taxpayer money. The names of Senators have not been released as of yet. The reason for the names not being released is kind of weak. This needs fixing right now.

As Written and Reported By Amber C. Strong for CBN News:

The Senate Rules and Appropriations Committee released the exact amount of  taxpayer money used to settle Senate misconduct lawsuits.

According to the Office of Compliance, from 1997-2017, Senate offices have paid out nearly $600,000 dollars in taxpayer money.

During that time there were 13 settlements arising from claims against “member-led Senate employing offices.”

A $102,903.62 settlement went toward an age and national origin discrimination and reprisal accusation.

Another $14,260.25 went to settle a sex discrimination, FSLA violations and reprisal.

The report does not release the names of the senators or the accusers.

Read the full report here.

“While the Rules Committee has been eager to provide this information in a transparent manner, it has been our priority to protect the victims involved in these settlements from further harm,” said Chairman Richard Shelby, R-AL.

The use of tax payer money to squash lawsuits happens in the House too, and across party lines.

A recent report from Buzzfeed revealed Congressman John Conyers, D-MI, used $27,000 of tax payer money to settle a wrongful dismissal ….


Report: $600,000 Dollars in Tax-Payer Money Spent to Settle Senate Claims | CBN News

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