7 Questions Jake Tapper Should Have Asked Al Gore

CNN’s Jake Tapper cannot be accused of throwing softball questions at global warming scam artist Al Gore. At no point was a single question asked that sought to get any real information. It is a day for the State of the Union when a show like this is put forth. This was nothing more than head nodding Global Warming Indoctrination Class 101. Here is a list of questions that Tapper SHOULD HAVE ASKED!

As Written By Robert Kraychik for the Daily Wire:

On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Al Gore on State of the Union. At no point did Tapper challenge any of Gore’s assertions.

The interview amounted to a political infomercial for the former vice president’s claims about “climate change,” a term both he and Tapper used euphemistically for the narrative of anthropogenic global warming.

Below are questions Tapper would not ask Gore:

1. How much money have you been paid for consulting, speaking, and other fees associated with your political advocacy on behalf of “climate change”?

2. How much of your “climate change” advocacy earnings have come from governments — municipal, state, federal, or abroad?

3. Will you charge governments for consulting services if they solicit your assistance in the formulation of regulatory policy to combat “climate change”?

4. Will you charge companies for consulting services if they solicit your assistance in compliance measures with possible future regulatory policies ostensibly addressing………


7 Questions Jake Tapper Won’t Ask Al Gore | Daily Wire

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