A Commander-in-Chief for the GOP in 2012 Must have a good Wing Man


My theory, and I think I am spot on. We The People can demand from these candidates to verbalize whom they would choose for their perspective Vice President. I feel it deep down in my heart that if ONE of these candidates could HEAR from us on a Nationwide level that we want them to openly state to the press that their choice would be Congressman Allen West, we could ALTER every single one of these “polls” being conducted and throw a monkey wrench in the system.

I am asking each and every one of you to get ACTIVE, quit saying you are passing this around the social networks. CLAIM THIS, take the time to contact these GOP Presidential Candidates by email, phone, fax, whatever means necessary and tell them that in order to vote for them, they MUST choose Congressman Allen West. Allen West on a GOP ticket will alter the course of these elections and will put someone in the White House that will only help our nation begin it’s journey back to it’s original roots.

I am asking you to not only get this out there in the social networks but get this viral and get up off your butts, dial that phone, send that email or even ALL of the above. Encourage everyone you know that it is imperative that we act now, considering the options set before by the mainstream media, the electorate, the caucus, the polls etc…

HERE are the links to the candidates for your convenience. In no particular order

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney

Ron Paul

by Tanya Grimsley, follow me on twitter @luvGodncountry

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