A day in Florida with an Allen West for Congress Bumper sticker by Andrea Plescia (FL)

Photo courtesy of Andrea Plescia

Andrea Plescia, of Florida is a constituent in Congressman West’s district. This is what happened to her on a Sunday drive 10/2/11.  “While taking a leisurely drive this morning with my car windows open all of a sudden a large group of motorcycle enthusiasts were driving along the side of me. They started pumping their fists in the air and chanting something but it was way too noisy to hear what they were saying. I wondered, what the heck did I do, only to realize at the red light they were chanting ALLEN WEST, ALLEN WEST. They saw my West for Congress bumper sticker. So I knew I was in wonderful company!! : ) “

Andrea is not the first person to have something positive like this happen to her, it is so very special when it happens. Especially from a group of motorcyclists! Thanks for sharing Andrea, I love a Sunday, feel good story.

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