A Florida newspapers discovery leads to more new questions about Broward School System than answers

The last thing that the Broward County School System wanted was a newspaper exposing all their incompetence for the world to see and take note of. The school system had really bought the Obama Era PROMISE program. The program seemed to be handled in a two-fold manner. One objective was to make sure the school system received no bad press. The other goal was to ignore and not hold criminal behavior by students accountable. That is only part of the story.

As Written and Reported By Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

new story in this weekend’s Sun-Sentinel exposes more dark secrets hidden within the Broward County School system, including the depths of the behavior issue inside its schools and why the school district allowed misbehaved children to return to normal classrooms with little to no repercussions.

Unfortunately, what the paper discovered leads to more questions than answers.

What did the paper reveal?

The most alarming discovery the paper made was that Broward County Schools, including Superintendent Robert Runcie and other district administrators, appear more concerned with public relations and how their schools look rather than addressing misbehaving students and ensuring the safety of students. The paper reported:

The culture of leniency allows children to engage in an endless loop of violations and second chances, creating a system where kids who commit the same offense for the 10th time may be treated like it’s the first

Indeed, in a review of Broward’s disciplinary policies, the Sun-Sentinel discovered students are often considered “first-time offenders” even if they are not and the district’s claims of successfully reforming bad behavior are “exaggerated.” That exaggeration gives Broward schools a “PR benefit,” the newspaper reported, namely in allowing officials to claim safer schools with lower disciplinary rates and higher graduation rates…..


Florida newspaper exposes Broward County School system’s incompetence with blockbuster new story | TheBlaze


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