A Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm  was the first volume of World War Two History written by Sir Winston Churchill. In the book, Sir Winston traces the causes and issues that laid the foundation for that war. This article starts out reading like a warning for a war between the divisive parts of our nation. You could say that it points toward a civil war. You would be wrong. It is about the Storm and who is in it. Read on.

As Written By David Prentice for the American Thinker:

Most everyone entrenched on both sides of this cold civil war feels it coming.  The thunder and lightning have been getting closer.   For the better part of a year, we’ve been listening to the noise getting louder, and the flashes, good Lord, sometimes they get brighter by the minute.   Many think the storm started on Nov. 9, 2016.  Whichever, we all feel it.

This past weekend was a perfect example.  Brian Ross starts a series of false reports, so bad that the stock market dives, the leftist media breathlessly reports that President Trump is finished, and do their version of a happy dance.  Except, the report was not true, the networks once again proved to be unworthy sources of news, just repeating a false narrative.

Then the tax plan surprisingly passed the Senate.   The left, as usual, had a collective hissy fit, droning on about how lost we are as a country.  Oh, the horror!  Tax cuts!!  We’re doomed!!!  Doomed they say!!!!  For the first time in decades the Democratic Party is pretending to be concerned about our debt.

Yes, the storm is close.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a new scalp; General Michael Flynn pleads guilty of lying to the FBI.   The story has been reported quite poorly, very few understand what Flynn actually cut a deal for.  There are various theories, but let me say this:  All is not as it seems.   We won’t likely know until next year at earliest what is actually going on.  Andrew McCarthy’s article in National Review last week explained things as well as possible, but truth be known, very little is anything but fog right now.  The fog of war.

Storms.  Good metaphors for this time we are immersed in.   And for one long year, and the year before that, we have been overwhelmed by the left’s attempts to call down the storm on……..


A Time for War: The Gathering Storm

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