A letter to Obama from Israel: Someone has to stand up and tell the world the truth.


An address to the US president on the situation in the Middle East, Hamas and the UN Human Rights Council.

Dear President Barack Obama, 

You are the leader of the free world. Here in the Middle East, where we live, freedom is running out.

Countries and entire regions are falling into the hands of brain-washed, hate-filled extremists, who slaughter anyone who doesn’t think the same way they think or agree with all their religious beliefs. Look at what’s happening in Syria, Iraq, in the Sinai Desert and many other places.

You know full well, Mr. President, that in its war against Hamas, Israel embodies the forces of light, and Hamas the forces of darkness.

A veritable Gunfight at the OK Corral, where the good guy takes on the bad guy.

But let’s put politics aside for a moment, ignore the background noise and the failed peace process. Let’s not mention Binyamin Netanyahu.

Most of the Israeli public genuinely supports peace, and I am one of a large number willing to make painful concessions to achieve peace, with a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.

Let’s not forget that the most popular person in Israel, way ahead of any others, is our former president, Shimon Peres (whose term in office ended on Thursday).

The ultimate prophet of peace.


A letter to Obama | JPost | Israel News.

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