A Matter of Character

by Judson Phillips for Tea Party Nation

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference finished yesterday.  CPAC is the traditional cattle call for high profile Republicans and potential Presidential candidates.  While the fever pitch for candidates is not as extreme this year as it will be in 2015 and 2016, it is inescapable at CPAC.

There is one person who has been mentioned as a potential candidate.  Friday at CPAC there was a brief incident that spoke to that person’s character.

Who is this potential candidate? What did they do and was it good or bad?

When you go to CPAC, among other things, you get to meet a lot of politicians.  Most of the time, when you are allowed to meet them, it is in carefully staged events such as meet and greets or book signings.  Some of them will walk the halls and speak with people.

On Friday, I was going to an event that featured on particular (former) politician.  This event was being held in the event hub and as I headed over to the event, I went past a booth that was being manned by a friend of mine.  I stopped to speak for a minute and mentioned I was on my way to this event and I told her who the (former) politician speaking at the event was.

She immediately got excited, telling me how much she loved this (former) politician and had never met them.  I suggested she come over to the event for a couple of minutes but she could not leave her booth.

It was time for the event so I went over to it and while there, I asked the (former) politician’s handler if a brief stop could be made so my friend could meet this politician.  The handler said they were late for media appearances and didn’t think it would be possible.  I said, “just ten seconds. Say hello, that’s all.”

She gave me a non-committal, probable rejection.  I don’t fault her.  That is her job to keep the schedule on schedule and at CPAC that is tough.

The event finished and as the (former) politician walked away, I came up and said, “On the way out, can you stop for ten seconds and say hello to a friend of mine? It would really make her day.”

I don’t care what politicians (public figures) say, I guarantee you everyone of them knows what their schedule is, especially when it comes to media appearances.

This man could have simply declined, as a lot of them I know would have.  He could have simply looked over to his assistant, let her say he had to be at the next event and used her as the excuse.

Allen West did neither.

He just asked where she was and went over there.  He didn’t give her ten seconds.  He gave her two or three minutes.  She had her photo taken with him and was ecstatic when he left.

I’ve been around politicians most of my adult life.  Most of them live down to my expectations.  For a great majority of politicians, including unfortunately some prominent conservative politicians, politics is all about them.  They put themselves first instead of others.  For them, they wish to be public masters, not public servants.

This brief moment said something about Allen West’s character.  A lot of other politicians would have made the stop if there were cameras there so the show could have been about them.

Is it too early for Allen West to be talking about 2016?

Will he run for President or not?  His name has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

After seeing him at CPAC, he is certainly in my top two or three choices right now.

One thing is certain.  In 2017, after President Mom Jeans has finally left, someone is going to challenge the new President.  Perhaps it will be Russia or China or North Korea or maybe Al Qaeda.

The question is, who does America want sitting in the center chair in the Situation Room.

Is it Allen West for you?


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