A Message from Allen West for Congress

I have two quick things to tell you.

First, our campaign reported remarkable success last quarter. Thanks to supporters like you, we raised an impressive 1.75 million dollars. On average our supporters made thoughtful donations of $53. I am truly humbled by this continued outpouring of support. Thank you.

Second, this week the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee reported they raised $61.4 million for their candidates. You can expect them to more than double that this year, so that will mean they will have raised close to $200 million.

Since I have been named their number one target for defeat, I full expect them to start barraging South Florida with misleading TV commercials, radio ads full of half-truths, and last minute “robocalls” that flat-out distort my record and my statements.

In light of this, our conservative army needs to strengthen its 2012 warchest. Our campaign has set an internal goal of raising $100,000 this month to help prepare for the attacks we know are coming.

You’ve been with the army for a while, so you know how vicious our opponents can be. Compared with what we can expect next year, the last 12 months have been a cakewalk.

Our army has met — and defeated — these challenges before.

Support our conservative army by visiting our donation page and contributing $25 or more right now… this is where we make our stand!

And thank you again for your ongoing support.

Steadfast and loyal,
Member of Congress

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