A New Anti-fascist Group Plans Fascist-Style Rally

Refuse Fascism claims to be an anti-fascist organization planning a rally in Portland, Oregon. This group can be closely linked to Antifa, a group that uses fascist tactics in their so-called anti-fascism riots. Violence has been one of the tools that they have been quick to use. 

It is no wonder that the alt-right is having a cow over these “peaceful protests.” When you show up dressed in black, have masks on, and carry tire irons and baseball bats, it is very hard to see that as just a protest.  

As Written By Everton Bailey Jr for Oregon Live:

A new anti-fascist group plans a rally Saturday in downtown Portland – part of series scheduled in cities across the country – but the demonstrations have whipped up a heap of warnings by right-wing groups on social media that the gatherings will signal a “civil war.”

Robert Brown, lead organizer for the Portland event, dismissed the claims of planned violence as “nonsense” and a “hoax” intended to scare people from participating in the march. A national spokesman for the group sponsoring the protests, Refuse Fascism, also denounced claims of any attacks during any of the demonstrations.

Since August, Facebook groups, YouTube videos and posts on other social media platforms – including use of the tag #CivilWar2017 – have warned that anti-fascists will cause a violent uprising Nov. 4 against supporters of the Trump administration.

The claims have ranged from the staging of “mass riots” to plans to “kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner.”

Portland police said they know of no plans for violence during Saturday’s permitted event.

The demonstration – calling for the removal of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from office — comes nearly a year after the general election set off nationwide protests, including in Portland, where protesters and counter-protesters repeatedly clashed with each ……..


Anti-fascist group plans downtown rally, says claims of planned violence ‘a hoax’ | OregonLive.com

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