A New Tension Between The National Media and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rears Its Head

Do you ever watch the White House press conferences that are conducted by President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Sanders? Have you noticed that she gets a rough treatment, rougher than could be expected from a group that already has it in for the President?

It is all very petty and just schoolyard mean at times. It is like they do not find her worthy to be presiding over them at a press conference. The fault finding behavior is what liberals do when they cannot find facts to support their arguments. Read about these insulting behaviors here. 

As Written By Eddie Scarry for the Washington Examiner:

The national media’s relationship with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has taken on a new tension over the last month, as journalists and news commentators have grown more and more personal in their hostility toward the Trump administration’s top spokeswoman.

Several high-profile columnists and writers have torn into Sanders over the last few weeks to mock her appearance, the way she talks, and most recently, an alleged disdain she showed the press by asking them at a briefing this week to say why they are thankful this holiday season.

“Sanders’s sudden shift from press secretary to minister’s daughter a few days before Thanksgiving coincides with her apparent image evolution from a woman unconcerned with vanity to a more polished version,” Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker wrote Tuesday. “One can almost hear the hive of consultants discussing how to imperceptibly adapt this no-frills yeoman to the shallower requirements of a visual medium.”

She added that Sanders was “everything a terrible person… could hope for in a public relations artist.”

During Monday’s briefing at the White House, Sanders began by saying she was “very thankful” for her family, faith, and the people serving in the armed …….


Media disdain for Sarah Sanders gets personal

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