A NUCLEAR power plant has been hit by a MASSIVE security breach

A nuclear power plant has to be the most secure place on the face of the earth. The thought that a virus could be introduced off of a flash drive is incredible. That this could lead to remote control of nuclear fuel roods is astounding. IT professional should know by now that they are on the front lines of defense from war of terrorism. Bringing virus infected flash drives to the table is not a thing you would expect in this modern day of hackers and viruses.  For too long now, cyber warfare has not been the focal point of defense from rouge nations and bad actors. It should be.


As Written By TOM BATCHELOR at Express.co.uk:

Nuclear power plant COMPROMISED: Fears grow as power plant affected by malware

A NUCLEAR power plant has been hit by a massive security breach which risks handing sensitive data about radioactive fuel rods to terrorist groups.

Gundremmingen plant in southern Germany was found to be riddled with computer viruses, including those which would allow attackers remote access to equipment for moving nuclear fuel rods.

Viruses, known as W32.Ramnit and Conficker, were discovered at the plant, which is located 75 miles northwest of Munich.

W32.Ramnit has the potential to give an attacker remote control over a system when it is connected to the internet and is also designed to steal files from infected computers.

The virus could be used by groups such as Islamic State to obtain nuclear secrets, bringing them one step closer to building a radioactive bomb.

However, officials said the plant was isolated from the internet and was therefore not vulnerable to attackers gaining remote access.

Fears of an ISIS-inspired nuclear attack have grown in recent weeks after terrorists involved in the Brussels attack were found to be monitoring an official in charge of a Belgian nuclear plant.



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