A Terribly, Bad, Horrible, No Good Week for Journalism

Journalism has had a lot of hits lately, and this past week seemed to be worse than usual. CNN continues to suffer from a lack of research and attention to detail, as their hit piece on the fired Google employee can attest to. If they had only read the “sexist manifesto” they might have seen it in context. Instead, they went with the “usual suspects” verbiage that they are now infamous fo0r. That was just the intro. Read the rest below.

As Written By Derek Hunter for Townhall:

Journalism hasn’t seen too many good weeks of late, but this past one was particularly bad.

The self-described “Fourth Estate,” long ago exposed as more of a Fifth Column, continued to churn out biased tripe for which it undoubtedly will receive many awards. There’s nothing to lose at this point, what with so little remaining of their shriveled credibility, so journalists cannonballed once again into the deep end of a pool without checking to see if there was any water in it.

CNN, always a leader in the clubhouse for embarrassment to the profession, led the way with its coverage of what the media dubbed a “sexist manifesto” at Google. It was as if no one at the network bothered to read it, yet they talked about it with authority as if they’d written it.

Normal human beings would feel ashamed by such actions, but normal human beings wouldn’t have found themselves in that situation…for days on end. Honestly, the memo is only 10 pages long; you’d think someone would have picked it up and at least skimmed it. CNN is a big company that, at least on paper, employs some people whose job it is to check facts.

But the narrative progressive activists set of an anti-woman screed in the tech world was too damn perfect to check. So standards, the few that remain, were discarded to feed that narrative.

The Google fiasco wasn’t CNN’s only step on a rake this week. To complete its Sideshow Bob routine the company fired the only conservative commentator it employed who is supportive of President Trump……..


A Bad Week for Journalism – Derek Hunter

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