A Twitter purge is coming. Are you a Trump supporter?

There has been great concern expressed by conservatives that Monday the 18th, the great Twitter purge will begin. Twitter had announced this date as a start date to remove hate content and bots from their social network. There are some Twitter accounts that deserve to be fearful of a purge. There are some very hateful and extreme commenters that plague all users of Twitter. Do conservatives, as a rule, have something to fear? Read on.

As Written BY MICHAEL EDISON HAYDEN for Newsweek:

Fears that a so-called Twitter purge will be taking place on Monday could lead to a surge for a small social networking site called Gab.

Spend a few hours on Gab, identified by its cartoon frog logo, and it can feel a little like you’re touring Twitter’s prison, if there were such a thing.

That’s because Gab is replete with far-right accounts that gained huge followings while pumping up Donald Trump’s message during the 2016 election, only to be later banned from Twitter for various types of disreputable behavior:

There’s “Ricky Vaughn,” an anonymous poster who once used an avatar of that character from the movie Major League, but now uses an image of a cartoon toad. There’s Jared Wyand, who got booted in late 2016 for ranting about Jews. And there’s “Microchip,” a juggernaut of a troll once referred to in a Buzzfeed article as a “Trumpbot overlord,” before getting kicked off of Twitter this year—either for spinning conspiracies about the October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas or for posting about “indoctrinating children into Nazi camps,” he told Newsweek. Another, more famous Twitter outcast, ex-Breitbart.com provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who was accused of using the platform to incite harassment against actress Leslie Jones, uses his Gab account only sporadically: as an emotionless vehicle for self……


Trump Supporters Are Worried About Falling Victim to a ‘Twitter Purge’—Within Days

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