A US Senator and the Washington Post Intentionally Spread Fake News

President Donald Trump tweets about the desperation of Senator Gillibrand in seeking support. After the tweet, the Senator and the mainstream media take the phrase and twist and spin it into a sexual connotation. Her is plenty of background detail to put the end to that piece of fake news. It was not how that phrase is ever used, and the President does not use it that way in this tweet.

As Written By Jeffrey Lord for The American Specatator:

What is it with liberals and their obsession with sex? Why say something that is so provably false in a day when it takes mere seconds to spot and disprove fake news?

Here is this tweet from President Trump in its entirety:

There is, as is plain for even the densest person on the planet to see, no reference — zero, nada, none — to anything remotely having to do with sex. But that didn’t stop Gillibrand and all sorts of others like the Washington Post from instantly insisting that it did. The Senator and her sex-obsessed allies in the Post and elsewhere cited the phrase that she was “someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them)” as, don’t you know, a phrase that is synonymous with “sex.”

Really? Really? Maybe the Senator should do just the minimal research before looking so foolish.

Back there in July of this year, no less than the far ……..


Senator Gillibrand, Washington Post Peddle More Fake News | The American Spectator

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