A White House Reshuffling Is Coming

Sort of like going to a ball game, because of the White House shuffling, you can’t tell the players without a program. There are plans afoot, it is rumored, to move some people around in the White House. This time it is a little different from the last shake-up. 

This time the emphasis is on the political arm of the White House staff. This is not necessarily a bad thing. What it is, is a search by the Trump administration to do things better. Here are the lineup changes that you might expect.

As Written and Reported By Jonathan Swan for Axios:

There’s an operational reshuffle coming at the top level of the White House. Senior Trump administration official Johnny DeStefano is set to assume greater responsibilities and influence, including overseeing the beleaguered White House political operation.
What’s coming: Two sources with direct knowledge of the internal deliberations say DeStefano is expected to assume most of deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn’s responsibilities. Dearborn is expected to leave the White House sometime in the new year.

The backdrop: There’s been an intense focus recently on the performance of the White House political shop in general and its leader Bill Stepien in particular. We were first to report in detail about the widespread concerns about the operation’s performance; and WashPo and others reported on a recent tense meeting in the Oval Office that climaxed with Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski eviscerating Stepien.

Details of the reshuffle:

  • DeStefano, a Capitol Hill veteran and former leadership aide, is expected to take charge of the Office of Public Liaison — the White House’s outreach to interest groups — and is expected to maintain his role overseeing personnel appointments across the administration……


Scoop: White House reshuffle expected in new year – Axios

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