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I began my support of LTC Allen West in January 2009. I have worked diligently to hone my skills in social media and developed a platform, following and network. This has allowed me to start my personal self maintained website allenwestrepublic.com 

I avidly post, tweet and network the conservative message. I am a multitasking networker and I use all forms of technology to be able to communicate quickly.

My average weekly reach on my Facebook page for Allen West Republic reaches approx. 860k – 2.7 million. The website has an avid following of 280K+

I use all social media platforms to network on his behalf with an enormous amount of support and following..

As the creator of the Allen West Republic website, Facebook, twitter and other various social networking applications. I am self-taught analytic and social media specialist.  I have a passion for helping people increase their social media experience in ways that help benefit and endorse the united cause for conservatism.


10-23-13 Tanya Grimsley of Allen West Republic is our guest on
Allen West Republic https://allenwestrepublic.com/about/
Wednesday At Midnight with host Trade Martin

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    Right now Col. West is looking like a front runner/contender for President 2016. I can think of others who are equal as well. If Col. West chooses to run, there will be two guaranteed votes in this house.

    • Maureen sielaff

      I was a former strong supporter of Allen West until he called me a Colorado racist along with every other Colorado Conservative. We don’t need another racist in the white house

  • Hi Tanya Grimsley,
    Massive deceptions by omission severely fool the people:
    “The Public Be Suckered”

    I believe that giving this visibility is a home run waiting to be hit … Please consider action!

  • Avis Morse

    I am Caucasian, with probably 1/16 American Indian, but have had “black” and “Jewish” friends all my life! I am working for uniting the USAmerica like we were during WWII, which were also my high school years in NE Iowa. I rolled bandages, used rationed food and gas, picked hemp for rope, and milkweed for life preservers. Also bought War Bonds. Even helped salvage metal from local dumps with a group from high school for recycling! Right now I think you should run for President! You would have lots of Republicans to choose from for VP and cabinet members Some good Republicans would better serve as Senators or Representatives from their States.

  • Stephen A. Feher

    I strongly support Col West in whatever endeavor he chooses to participate. I am fortunate to have been able to serve for 23 years in the US Air Force. The last half of that career was as an officer aboard the AWACS. I am sick at heart of what has become of our great nation and of what we are doing to the brave men and women who are continuing to chose to serve in her armed forces. Col West’s message is positive and consistently pro American, pro military and pro growth.

  • John Klaar

    I would like to meet you someday. You are a great military leader and a great man. 82 AA.

  • BillYman

    Americans were tricked into voting for a Fraud like obama by the atheist, Zionist, queer, anti family feminist, liberal, Freemasons media corporations. Poor buggers

  • Jay Martin

    Col. West evidently sees the problems in out nation, and isn’t afraid to speak about them. So why won’t he run? Colonel, you see the problem, and you are needed. I’m sure 1/2 of your social media followers would be willing to go out and help get the job done, doing whatever it takes to help you, so RUN! 2016 is the final push, if we don’t get someone in office who can turn this country around, if even just for a moment, it’s over with. Respectfully submitted.

  • annarose13

    Col. Allen West is the kind of man we need for our leader. His qualifications leave most of the others in the dust. I hope he runs.

  • politicaljules

    Oh no… Tanya. I did not realize this was your site. The flag day thing is really hurting the view of our party. Please tell me this was not written by Allen West himself!!

    The picture in question is a young boy being cute and hanging on to a red white and blue banner. It was taken in 2012 in Iowa from a presidential visit.

    There were American flags at that particular event, and this cute child was not staged for a photo. Someone snapped a picture of him playing hide and seek in the bunting, and thought it was a great representation of Americana.

    He’s not a prop.

    The boy is an American and up until now his family was proud of this picture. Now a family and a bunch his supporters are horrified because to them racism is alive and well in America’s republican party.

    And one that Allen West is a part of!!

    All of the hard work we have done to prove we are accepting of everyone in the Republican party is being flushed down the toilet.

    I am too tired to keep fighting my own party to keep themselves from shooting their own foot!! It does not even pay for me to try and make a difference, and I just want to give up.

    • Sam

      Republicans are accepting of everyone. YOU, obviously are not.

  • Please feel free to share Col. West’s updates with us on Facebook at: Madison’s Militia. PLEEEZ run for President Col. West !?!?

  • Steve Sano

    allen west ….all your posting are blocked on facebook

  • Researcher

    I want to give you an argument that is not being made that there is no legal or civil rights issue for same sex marriage. The Constitution has already spoken on the issue.

    The Constitution does not recognize groups, only the individual. There are only two sexes, male and female. There is no civil rights issue because everywhere in the country each man and woman has identically the same right to marry.

    What these judicial decisions are doing out of sympathy, not law, is to grant recognition and rights to bizarre sexual behaviors. It is not possible to grant rights to behaviors.

    That’s all homosexuality is, a behavior of men and women.

    Write your Senator and Congressperson to tell them that.

    Send it to your email list and ask everyone to do the same. The current incorrect judicial argument can be reversed.

  • Sean

    Can we PLEASE for the love of GOD, get him to run for the office of President !!!