ABSOLUTELY SCARY! Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Reveals What Their End Game Is

Prepare yourselves, because if the resistance movement has its way, they will create an ungovernable situation for President Trump. Obviously, their game plan is anarchy and carrying it out is a seditious movement. All you need to do is look around and see their efforts to disrupt and destroy. What kind of movement is this? It is time to be scared for our Republic?

As Written by Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

Behind the mass protests, choreographed chants and acts of violence, leaders of anti-Trump “resistance” efforts are communicating the same simple but dark message: they want to make America “ungovernable” for the president of the United States.

These protesters say they will do whatever it takes to keep Trump from enacting his agenda, and many of them have shown a willingness to destroy public property, assault law enforcement officers and inflict violence upon their fellow citizens.

Inauguration Day provided a hint of what to expect from the far left during Trump’s presidency: well-organized protests that feature alarmist rhetoric and have a proclivity to devolve into anarchic violence. Rioters smashed storefront windows, assaulted innocent bystanders and torched a limo all in the name of opposing Trump.

D.C.’s inauguration weekend violence was believed to be mostly the work of a group calling themselves DisruptJ20, which began planning to disrupt the inauguration and destroy property weeks in…..


Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Aims To Make America ‘Ungovernable’ | The Daily Caller

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