According to President Trump, there is Fake News and there is Very Fake News

In an example of very fake news, Brian Ross of ABC News wins this weeks award for most egregious news item concerning the Russian collusion storyline. But wait, that is not the only contender for the award. There were some honorable mentions as well.

It is unclear why or how they gin this stupid stuff up. Either they are that stupid or they credit their readers with being that stupid and/or gullible. Look, for instance, with what they did to spin a quote from Orin Hatch. It gets bad, real bad.

As Written By Guy Benson for Townhall:

Yes, President Trump goes overboard with his criticisms of the press — sometimes in waysthat have negative implications for the First Amendment — but the media does itself no favors by letting its anti-Trump impulses stand in the way of accurate journalism.  Too often, they confirm the gist of his “fake news” taunts.  The crisis of trust that afflicts the American press deepens every time they blow a story, with ABC News providing a particularly egregious example on Friday.  Correspondent Brian Ross has been suspended for misreporting the facts on an apparent bombshell scoop related to Trump and Russia, getting the single biggest detail of the story wrong.  The untrue report remained uncorrected for hours, briefly tanking the market.  Over the weekend, some other reporters and commentators decided to inflict further damage to media credibility by lazily or maliciously promulgating additional unfair and context-free attacks against Republicans.

If ABC’s Russia debacle was exhibit A, let’s discuss exhibit B. Numerous journalists and other liberals widely disseminated a terribly misleading soundbyte from Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, who just help shepherd the tax reform bill through the Senate.  The narrative was too tempting: “GOP lawmaker gives giant tax cut to the rich (this is also a distortion unto itself), then admits he doesn’t believe in giving needy children healthcare.”  Here’s the alleged quote, first tweeted by an MSNBC host, then indignantly shared far and wide by scores of “blue checkmark…….


Fake News Addiction: Media Spreads Misleading Quotes From GOP Senator, Trump Administration Official – Guy Benson

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