ACLU Will Not Sue Trump?

Upon second thought, or after taking a minute to read it, the ACLU will not be bringing a lawsuit over the Executive Order by President Donald Trump. After a knee-jerk reaction, they actually read this one. What they found was that the President’s order on religious freedoms was actually a nothing burger. There is no sting to this order, as far as liberals are concerned. What do you think?

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

It didn’t take long for the ACLU to pledge that it would fight the Trump administration over the executive order on religious liberty. They began threatening a lawsuit on Tuesday, as news broke that the long-awaited EO would get signed this week, and made it official almost immediately after the signing ceremony took place. Calling it a “dual dose of pandering to a base and denying reproductive care” at 12:47 pm ET, the ACLU promised to “see Trump in court, again.”

A few hours later, though, the ACLU reconsidered the use of its resources (via the Daily Caller):


Intimidated? Seen the light? Er … no, not really. After actually reading the EO, the ACLU determined that there’s no there there:



ACLU: On second thought, we’re not bothering to sue over religious-liberty EO – Hot Air Hot Air

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