Activist Linda Sarsour Just Got What She Deserved

Linda Sarsour just can’t seem to do anything right. She’s on the wrong side and is indoctrinated to believe her way is the only way… and that includes defending cop killers.

And, at least, there are some on the left who aren’t too worried about calling her on her b.s.

As written by Matt Palumbo:

As we reported a few days ago, the Women’s March (of which Sarsour is a co-founder) made numerous posts on their social media honoring the birth of convicted and escaped cop killer Assata Shakur, who is classified as a terrorist by the FBI with a $2 million bounty on her head. Rather than apologize, they doubled down, defending Shakur while acknowledging that she’s a murderer.

A pretty hilarious defense. It would be like a communist saying “Sure I disagree with allowing 45 million people to starve to death, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect Mao Zedong’s anti-capitalist work.”

As you’re all aware, the Women’s March got absolutely hounded by the political right for their defense – but now even other liberals are attacking them.

Sarsour first responded by branding Tapper a member of the “alt-right,” a label which even kooks like Kurt Eichenwald (known for a particularly bizarre interview on Tucker Carlson’s show) couldn’t help but be puzzled by.

Sarsour challenged Tapper to “please share” evidence of her ugly sentiments. “Unapologetically Muslim? Unapologetically Palestinian? Pro-immigrant? Pro-justice?” she asked. “Shame.”

Linda Sarsour gets destroyed after defending cop killer… by CNN!

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