Adam Schiff Goes Into Full Meltdown Mode

California Democrat Adam Schiff is on the House Intelligence Committee and he is having a meltdown. He no longer sees a platform on which to keep the Trump-Russian narrative flowing. Now he is starting to make noise that the Republicans are letting the investigation die.

Representative Schiff wants the investigation to continue. He needs more time to find something to hang on Donald Trump. That will probably not happen. When will Democrats let go of their dream of finding a Russian connection to the President? It will not be anytime soon, it seems.

As Written By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), went on a Tweetstorm on Friday afternoon, saying he was “increasingly worried” that Republicans would shut down the committee’s probe at the end of the month.

“Since March, our investigation has made important progress. We’ve interviewed numerous key witnesses behind closed doors, held public hearings, reviewed thousands of documents, identified new leads — all to understand and expose Russia’s meddling and protect our democracy,” he began.

“Yet, Republicans have scheduled no witnesses after next Friday and none in [2018]. We have dozens of outstanding witnesses on key aspects of our investigation that they refuse to contact and many document requests they continue to sit on,” he said.



Rep. Adam Schiff Has Twitter Meltdown, Worries House Intel Russia Probe Will End After a Year

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