Adam Schiff will not like the ending to this story

Representative Adam Schiff is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee and he has been thinking for a long time that he was going to get away with dumping President Trump. He just knew that he was smarter than anything that the GOP would be able to field against his juggernaut. It now seems that he will not be getting away with the political murder of the President. Here are the analogy and the explanation.

As Written and Reported By Patricia McCarthy for the American Thinker:

There is an episode of Columbo from 1990 called Columbo Goes to College.  It tells the tale of two spoiled, entitled, and sociopathic young men who murder their professor after he catches them cheating on an exam.  So convinced of their own intellectual superiority are these two punks that they devise a way to kill said professor in a manner they are absolutely certain will never be discerned.  They even frame an innocent man without regard for his life, just for fun, because they can.  The father of one of the boys is a high-powered lawyer, equally arrogant as his son, if not more so.  The boys know without a doubt that they are smarter than the police, especially Detective Columbo, whose special talent is playing the fool when he is always ahead of the game.  They purposefully ingratiate themselves to Columbo, their guest professor, as self-appointed deputies in the investigation.  Of course, they are caught in the end; their arrogance melts away as Columbo demonstrates for all exactly how they committed the crime.  Their confidence in their own intellectual superiority is blasted to bits.

This old episode about the iconic rumpled detective who always solves the crime is hopefully soon to be analogous to the predicament Adam Schiff and his like-minded colleagues find themselves in today.  For over a year, the Democrats, especially Schiff, have been shouting “collusion with Russia” from the rooftops of the swamp.  It must be true, they say.  It is true, they insist.  They badly want it to be true.  But as we now know, none of it is true.  It was all a set-up, an “insurance policy,” a grand plan to prevent Trump’s election and, after he won, to ensure his eventual impeachment.  It had to work!  Otherwise, an administration from outside D.C. might uncover the many unconstitutional crimes of the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC, the ever corrupt Clintons, and the Obama administration, crimes committed to cover up crimes.

The moment Trump won, the plan to discredit him with the fake dossiers that had been commissioned and produced by the Clinton campaign escalated into high…..


Adam Schiff, meet Columbo!

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