After this little discovery, there is a remote possibility that Hillary might be running ….. Again!

After this little discovery, there is a remote possibility that she might be running … … again! Say it ain’t so!. It is now known that Clinton aides have launched a Super-Pac. That will really start the rumor mill going.

There are two ways this could go. One way is to set up Hillary for a third run for President. The other would put Hillary Clinton and her organization into the role of king-making. Either way is not good.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Old and busted: Buying the DNC. New hotnessCompeting against it. NBC News reports that former aides of Hillary Clinton have launched a new super-PAC that looks an awful lot like a campaign. Party Majority, NBC reports, will “act as a parallel structure to Democratic party committees at the national and state levels,” while remaining in the hands of “Clinton world,” as Jonathan Allen characterizes it later.

What could go wrong? Plenty, actually, especially given the ostensible aim of Party Majority: 

Lux and co-founder Adam Parkhomenko, who built Ready for Hillary later served as director of grassroots engagement on Clinton’s presidential campaign and is currently a paid adviser to Clinton, have been frustrated by the lack of coordination and continuity in Democratic campaigns. Every four years, a presidential campaign builds infrastructure across the country only to see it wither by the next set of elections or as new crews take over leadership roles at party committees.

“The days of starting from scratch, not sharing information, and not working together are over,” said  [co-founder Mike] Lux, who was a special assistant for public liaison in President Bill Clinton’s White House.

Ultimately, Party Majority is designed to address what its founders see ….


She’s running? Hillary aides launch new super-PAC – Hot Air Hot Air

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