AG Jeff Sessions Lays Down The Law To Liberal Judges!

President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions had a most interesting interview on Breitbart. In the interview, Mr. Attorney General said that his department was going to curtail the legal activism of the Executive Office. No, this was not a slam at Donald Trump. This statement was directed at the Obama administration and all the legislative overreach that they used. 

There was also a swipe at the liberal judges that have blocked administrative functions of the Presidency. The Attorney General expects to prevail in all of the cases that have arisen. That is good to know. Lastly, the AG talks about DACA and the immigration issues. You will find that interesting as well.

As Written and Reported By Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart: 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Thursday that the Department of Justice was ending the “executive branch legal activism” of the previous administration, while also fighting the judicial activism of liberal judges.

“I think the department did become too political” under President Barack Obama, Sessions said. “Essentially, it was executive branch legal activism. They would take cases or regulations or statutes and expand or redefine the meaning of words in them to advance the agenda that they thought ought to be advanced — an agenda that often had zero chance of passing Congress, where the elected representatives sit.

“So you have an agenda, and you can’t get Congress to pass it, so you use unelected regulatory officials and lawyers to draft regulations and enforcement policies that carry out a political agenda that the people don’t favor.

“And I think that was a factor in this past [presidential] election, and it was an issue that was known to a lot of business and legal experts. They saw this as a dangerous trend…..


Exclusive — Jeff Sessions: We Are Ending ‘Executive Branch Legal Activism’ | Breitbart

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