AG Sessions May Have Just Found the Solution to Finding the Leakers

So what is the big deal that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would want to use a lie detector test on National Security Council staff members? We are not talking about going to a courtroom scenario where guilt and innocence is determined beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Federal government has long used the polygraph test to detect suspicious responses when determining security clearances. So why not use it to see if people have suspicious responses to questions about their behaviors on leaking information.  

As Written By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reportedly discussed using lie detector tests to find leakers within the National Security Council.

Sessions brought up the issue with associates as recently as last month, Axios reports.

According to the website, Sessions wants to focus on National Security Council staffers in order find leakers of transcripts of Trump’s phone conversations with foreign leaders. The number of people who would have that information is small enough that a leaker could be easily uncovered, Sessions believes.

And if the polygraph crusade doesn’t find the leakers, it could prevent unauthorized disclosures in the future.

It is not clear how seriously Sessions is pursuing testing National Security Council staffers. Sarah Isgur Flores, a spokesperson for Sessions, declined The Daily Caller’s request for comment about Axios’ report.


Sessions Wants To Use Lie Detector Tests To F | The Daily Caller

Why this matters: That Sessions would seriously entertain such a startling action reveals how frustrated he’s become about the rampant leaking of classified information. Leak probes like the one Sessions announced at a big press conference on August 4 have happened under previous administrations, and rarely with any significant success. In fact, they can even backfire – look no further than the leak probe that ensnared James Cartwright, Obama’s favorite general. Obama later pardoned Cartwright. So much for cracking down on leakers.

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