Aggressive Media May Have Revealed More Intel Than Trump 

The mainstream media is hell-bent on nailing another Republican President. Every since they strained their corporate arms patting themselves for “getting” President Nixon, their goal has been to bag another Republican. That is what you see in this rush to cripple the Trump administration. They will trade away the security of the nation in order to create a narrative that will damage and destroy President Trump. 

As Written By The New York Post Editorial Board:

For all the outrage over what President Trump might have told the Russian ambassador last week, aggressive journalism — and ambitious leaks — may have done the worst harm on Tuesday.

Monday’s stories on what Trump told his Russian guests noted that he’d given details that might help them figure out how Washington had gotten the intel.

But The New York Times reported Tuesday that Israel was the source.

And then ABC disclosed even more sensitive specifics: An Israeli spy inside ISIS had uncovered the active plot to bring down a US-bound jet with a laptop bomb able to evade airport security.

This info is said to have been provided on condition that Washington not reveal who came up with the goods. And we’d like to hope that the leaks to the Times and ABC are disinformation to obscure the true source…..


The media might have revealed more intel than Trump | New York Post

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