Ajit Pat Shoots Down Idiot Celebrities Propagating Net Neutrality Conspiracies

Ajit Pai is the Federal Communications Commission Chairman, and he did not have to work hard to fend off these remarks from idiot celebrities. Alyssa Milano and actor Mark Ruffalo assailed the Chairman over the Net Neutrality hearings and rulings. It is apparent that they do not understand either side of the argument.

Net neutrality has been a hot button with the media, Internet Service Providers, and the consumer groups. It is all about who controls the access to the information and how much does it need to be regulated. 

The tweets that these celebrities sent were actually an argument for the very things that they thought that they were opposing. The Chairman was very gentle with them in his reply. He offered them helps in sorting things out and put them on the right path. You will enjoy this little story of celebrity incompetence.

As Written By Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai shot down a conspiracy theory being propagated by two Hollywood celebrities concerning the controversial topic of net neutrality.

What was the conspiracy theory?

Both actress Alyssa Milano and actor Mark Ruffalo assailed Chairman Pai with the same accusation — that Russian agents were tipping the debate on net neutrality by using “bots” to influence the FCC comment system.

“Hello [Chairman Ajit Pai]? Why are Putin’s bots working for you?” Ruffalo said, adding a tweet from Alyssa Milano with a link to an article reporting that the FCC received 444,938 comments about net neutrality from Russian email addresses.

A study found that millions of emails that were received by the comment system were under dubious circumstances. Another 444,938 came from Russian email addresses — it was unclear if those were authentic emails messages or from …….


Trump’s FCC chair shuts down celebrities pushing net neutrality conspiracy theory – TheBlaze


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