Allen West “A Republic? How’s that working out so far?”

by Allen West

Today is September 17, 2014. Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago on this date, in 1787, the greatest governing document the world has ever known came into existence as it was signed in convention in Philadelphia — our United States Constitution.

On that day as our American history teaches, us there was a very memorable exchange.

According to Mount, “Elizabeth Willing Powel was an important figure during the Revolutionary Era, a woman involved in the social and political maneuverings of the era. She was known as the premiere Saloniste of Philadelphia, in charge of a location where elite men and women in the late colonial and early national era spent their evenings. Among them, George Washington became a close personal friend of Powel’s, often asking for her advice about his political career and personal life.

Following the Constitutional Convention in September 1787, a famous story surrounding Elizabeth and Benjamin Franklin arose. Elizabeth purportedly questioned Franklin on his way out of the Pennsylvania State House as to what form of government the delegates of the Congress had agreed upon. He replied, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” The story was originally told by James McHenry, George Washington’s final Secretary of War.”



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