Allen West: A Tale of Two Cities, and Two Paths for America 

This is a time for choosing what tale will be told of not just our inner cities, but of the path that America took.

As Written By Allen West for Townhall:

I find it rather interesting, no hypocritical, that when it comes to what can only be described as a domestic Islamic terrorist/jihadist attack we are admonished to not rush to judgement or be impetuous. We are directed to never make any general statements and comparisons of Islam to terrorist activity, or be castigated as an Islamophobe. We are chastised as inciting Islamic jihadist recruitment if we refer to the enemy as they refer to themselves — after all the best method to combat terrorism is with compassion, unity, and love. Our Republic’s system of justice is based upon the premise of “innocent until proven guilty.”

However, when it comes to our brave men and women of the thin blue line, our law enforcement officers, there is a different approach. In cases involving these souls whom we trust to keep us safe and secure every day, we have developed a different standard. Rushing to judgement is not just allowed, but it is encouraged. Remember the police in Cambridge Massachusetts were said to have “acted stupidly.” And such has brought us, over the past seven and a half years, to where we are today. But, let’s examine the tale of two cities, and the respective paths going forward for America.

Recently there have been two police involved shootings of black males, one in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the other in Charlotte, North Carolina. The former involved a white female officer and the latter a black officer. What is quite telling is the media and public responses in these cases.

In Tulsa, there was an investigation conducted based upon evidence, and the officer there has been charged with first degree manslaughter. Oddly enough, there were no riots and instances of mob violence. Interestingly enough, the rule of law and due process were allowed to happen. But, in Charlotte, there was again a false narrative created, which was proliferated by the media, resulting in the creation of the mob. Now, understand, I have no issue with Americans exercising their first amendment right to petition government for redress of grievances. But, in Charlotte, when the black police chief is telling the media and the public “these are the facts,” why is he not considered a legitimate entity?

We have come to find out that the individual shot in Charlotte was indeed armed. He was a seven year convicted felon who was not supposed to have a firearm. What is it about the incident in Charlotte that precluded the rule of law and process to be followed?

We can even go back to the two shooting incidents in ….

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A Tale of Two Cities, and Two Paths for America – Allen West

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