Allen West: A tale of two futures for America …. Which will prevail? 

America has a future. That is one fact that you can be sure of. What that future is will be will be determined by the youth of this country. In the present climate, it appears that there are two paths our nation can take. Retired Army LtCol Allen B. West was in North Carolina this week and has just returned to his home in Texas. In North Carolina he was encouraged by his experiences there. When he got hoem he turned on the TV and saw the other future. Read his observations here.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I know there are times when many of you like to hear sensational stories, the type that you can help go viral. However, today I’d like to tell you a simple story about something I’ve experienced. And my prayer is that it’s shared by all across this nation.

It’s 11:10 p.m., and I’ve just returned home to Dallas after spending two great days in the pine trees of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. It’s an area with which I’m very familiar. I spent five years of my military career in the Tar Heel State at Ft. Bragg and Camp Lejeune, and those were memorable years for the West family. This time, I was back in Carolina to speak on the campus of North Carolina Wesleyan College, home of the Battlin’ Bishops.

North Carolina Wesleyan has been the fastest-growing private institution in the state for the past three years. And just by spending some time there, I understood why. Its president, Dr. Dewey Clark, has a vision, and that’s to create the first true Christian, constitutional, conservative college in America. His objective is to merge the models of Liberty University and Hillsdale College, and he’s well on his way to doing just that.

As I spent time with the students there, I could sense something very different about the campus. The students were respectful, disciplined and committed. If I could bottle up what I saw there and have it ingested by everyone across America, I would know that the future of our constitutional republic was bright.

I mean, to have a student theological institute that’s run by students as a campus club — well, that’s exceptional. There was even one young man, a freshman, who had the same high school alma mater as I, Henry Grady in Atlanta. The smile on his face when he came up and informed me of that was priceless. And no folks, this is not a majority white campus; about 55% of the students are black.

Imagine this, too: I was invited to a college campus to speak about faith in my day-to-day life! There just aren’t that many campuses in America where that would happen. But trust me, as Dr. Clark and his special assistant, Dr. John Check, told me, there are tenured atheist professors who oppose the transformation that’s occurring in Rocky Mount.

Why? Why would anyone stand against young people celebrating their Judeo-Christian faith and heritage, unashamedly?

My student escort for the two days was a sharp, stellar young black gentleman who is an Army ROTC Cadet as well as the student government president. We had highly intellectual and in-depth discussions about his role as the voice of the students, and how he could become an even better representative to the college president and administration. During the freshman convocation, he gave an incredibly emotional testimony to the incoming freshmen about the personal challenges, including depression, he had overcome. He didn’t resort to any fake remedies — like many of the ones the secular world prefers — but rather, he grew in his faith.

How different an experience this was from getting home and flipping on the news to see the protests of President Trump in Phoenix, Arizona. How utterly contradictory it was to see those black-clad and masked young protesters calling themselves Antifa.

Where was this crowd when Barack Obama was amending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act —
not by legislative procedure, as is prescribed by our constitution, but rather by executive order? Where were these members of the “resistance” when Barack Obama disrespected small business owners all across this land saying, “If you own a business, you didn’t build that”? Where were these young domestic terrorists when Americans were abandoned to die in a faraway place called Benghazi, and Barack Obama and others lied about it?

Yet, for some odd reason, these masked faces are the ones who garner the media attention and are even lauded in some political circles. Why do they get a bigger platform — and not those gracious students at North Carolina Wesleyan College?

Can it be that we’ve come to a point culturally in America in which we praise and embrace the lowest common denominator when it comes to character? Are we embarking upon a grand Pavlovian experiment where we reward the most abhorrent behavior in our young people, shunning those who know what right looks like. Have we made it totally “uncool” to be respectable and ……..


A tale of two futures for America: Which will prevail? – Allen B. West –

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