Allen West “A Telling Comparison” 

In the past month there have been several events that taken in isolation perhaps may not be very revealing. However, when examined in a comparative manner sadly evidence something very disturbing about the culture and priorities of the Obama administration.

Allen West for Townhall Writes:

On June 17th, a racist sociopath sat with congregants at the Emanuel AME Church during Bible study. At some point this individual made the decision to gun down (9) Christians, take away nine lives, who had welcomed him into their house of worship. Immediately we witnessed the community of Charleston coalesce and the power of the Christian faith was apparent – it was about unity. But we also saw another side; not witnessing the power of God, but the purposes of man. The conversation turned to political gain – it turned to gun control.

We then heard definitive statements and righteous indignation emanating from the highest office in the land, that of President Barack Obama. All of a sudden a piece of cloth with stars and bars on it became the target of cultural angst. Then it became a cause against all things Confederate – memorials, monuments, and burial sites – as if this was the panacea that would resolve any issues. What we saw was a “selective outrage” in which the emptiness of “Black Lives Matter” as a liberal progressive slogan would soon reveal itself.

Over the weekend of the celebration of our 239th Independence Day where a document called the Declaration of Independence stated that the first unalienable right of the individual endowed by the Creator is life. That weekend in Chicago (10) lives were lost and (55) were wounded due to gun violence. One of the lives ……


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