Allen West: After Iran’s harassment of U.S. Naval vessels, Here’s My Immediate Question

Once upon a time, you didn’t give chase to an American naval vessel, reason being, you might find yourself engaged in a deadly match. That was then, this is an Obama presidency now.

As Written By Allen B. West:

We now know three US Naval vessels were harassed by Iranian ships in the north Persian Gulf this past week. It was first reported that only one was engaged by four Iranian vessels. It’s since been revealed that two other American ships were chased, and the closest contact was 200 yards. The situation was so very confrontational that several warning shots were fired.

The immediate question is, of course, why warning shots? This adventure on the high seas comes as we also find out that the Obama administration illegally wired $1.3B to the Iranians, after delivering to them $400M of laundered cash on pallets aboard a cargo plane. I sometimes ask, am I the only one who realizes these abject signs of weakness only serve to embolden our enemy — resulting in the actions we have seen reported from the Persian Gulf? And let’s not forget Barack Obama still maintains that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear agreement, is a monumental foreign policy achievement.

Well, I found someone who sees it as I do. As reported in the UK Times by Melanie Phillips in a piece entitled, ‘Our Weakness makes the Islamists stronger’: 

As the Islamist demagogue Anjem Choudary awaits sentencing for inviting support for Islamic State, the government is facing a crisis of its own making over the radicalisation of Muslim prisoners. 

Choudary, who is said to have radicalised thousands of British Muslims over the years, is reportedly to be segregated from other prisoners when he is sent to jail next month. 

The review by Ian Acheson of Islamist extremism in prisons, whose summary was published yesterday while the rest remains classified, suggests that a small number of the most dangerous Islamist prisoners be segregated to prevent them from accelerating still further the growing problem of inmate radicalization. 

Neither Choudary’s conviction nor Acheson’s report does more than scratch the surface of this long-standing and dangerous problem. Acheson confirmed fears that British jails have become universities of jihad. Islamists were threatening prison staff and other inmates, aggressively promoting conversion to Islam and pressuring staff to leave the prayer room during periods of unsupervised collective worship. 

Prison staff didn’t confront such extremism for fear of being labelled racist. The new justice secretary, Liz Truss, promised yesterday to crack down on this extremism behind bars. 

The signs, however, are not promising. Five books inciting jihad remained in prison circulation a full seven months after Acheson’s inspection team alerted the Ministry of Justice to them last November. Moreover, government and security circles are still failing to analyse the problem correctly.

What Ms. Phillips brings to issue is the case of one Anjem Choudary who’s brandished his angst towards Western culture, especially England, in support of jihad. Up until recently, no one dared stand up and see his speech for what it was, incendiary and seditious. Finally, only after years of his being on the British dole, did someone take action — but now it appears he’s going into a prison system infested with Islamic militancy.

And let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s happening here in our own American prison systems. As well, here in America we have Louis Farrakhan, whose very existence is about spewing hate and incendiary language — he has specifically spoken of targeting whites for killing. And what has been his consequence? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.

The fact that we have a facility such as GITMO which Obama seeks to empty is not viewed as some championing of values — it is weakness. And why would we want these captured non-state, non-uniformed belligerents as occupants in our prison system? The problem is that we see this not as a seminal confrontation between two ideals and civilizational ideologies, but rather as a law enforcement action. We’ve seen Islamic terrorists in America celebrated, such as the Boston jihadists on the cover of Rolling Stone. We offer up every excuse for Islamic terrorism in America, to include the utterly despicable reasoning of gun control. That obfuscation when it comes to accepting the reality and existence of the Islamo-fascist enemy conveys only one quality: weakness. And that quality ends up being a greater enticement to greater acts of hate, barbarism, savagery and violence.

What message does it send when Angela Merkel opens up Germany to hundreds of thousands of migrants, unvetted, resulting in gangs of military-aged males roaming the streets and sexually assaulting women? It sends a message of weakness, especially when the response is about suppressing the incident and correcting the women on their behavior. What message does it send when Islamists can slaughter and wound hundreds in a blood-thirsty attack, mutilating bodies, in Paris and there is no response against the group claiming responsibility? That is repeated in Belgium, Nice and elsewhere. Our citizens are brutally murdered and folks get angry if you talk about restrictions on Muslim immigration — where is the like rage when 49 are gunned down at a night club in Orlando? Nah, that was just a lack of gun control.

See, once upon a time, you didn’t give chase to an American naval vessel, reason being, you might find yourself engaged in a deadly match. Now, we have our ships being buzzed by Russian aircraft and harassed by Iranian naval vessels. Yes, our weakness does make the Islamists stronger. And since the ……

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After Iran’s harassment of 3 U.S. Naval vessels, my immediate question is THIS… – Allen B. West –

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