Allen West “ALERT: Russia and Iran make dangerous move”

Sadly, this isn’t a Coke commercial where a bunch of folks hold hands and sing kumbaya. We have enemies who are not seeking a virtuous state of mind, benevolence or justice. ~ Allen West

Putin deploys missile cruiser syria turkey

As Written By Allen B. West:

Does anyone remember the shoot down of the Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine? Yep, how soon we just move on and ignore any consequences of the blatant actions that led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. It’s as if Vladimir Putin just got away with it — then again, some 200 Russians lost their lives when ISIS Islamic jihadists shot down a civilian airliner in the Sinai desert. I guess one could say it’s karma.

And it’s also karma when you see the results we’re getting after making a deal with the devil, aka Iran.

As reported by Reuters, “Russia is supplying its S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran ahead of schedule and is now in talks with the Islamic Republic on deliveries of other military equipment, the head of Russia’s federal arms exports service, FSVTS, said on Tuesday. “The talk is about only permitted items which are not on the U.N. list of banned (weapons),” Alexander Fomin told reporters. He did not elaborate.”

I know, who cares, and Iran has the right to defend itself — defend itself against what, and for what reason? And it didn’t take long before Iran took that “cash bank” they just got and invested it in social welfare programs and increased $15 minimum wage for their workers. Yeah, riiiight.

Iran is now all about creating a very intricate IADS (integrated air defense system) that will present an almost impenetrable web for any air force. And don’t tell me that’s not realistic. Just this past week I had a fantastic lunch meeting with a young Navy fighter pilot, a Top Gun, who’d just flown missions in Syria last year. He explained to me how the U.S. pilots entered Syrian airspace from the “back end” — eastern approaches – because of the IADS along the Mediterranean Sea coast approach. Now, imagine Iran deploying this lethal system all across Syria to provide an aerial security blanket for its own deployed Quds and Hezbollah forces.

But not just in Syria, which would seriously and adversely affect Israel’s ability to engage Iranian backed forces. What happens if some of these S-300 surface to air systems find their way to Gaza to support Hamas?

And we know the primary deployment scheme for the S-300s will be in Iran itself, quite certainly to be in the vicinity of Iranian nuclear weapons sites. And please, don’t tell me Iran doesn’t have the capability or capacity — we just gave them $8.6 million for heavy water. Doggone, silly me, I thought Iran didn’t have …..


ALERT: Russia and Iran make dangerous move… – Allen B. West –

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