Allen West “Americans, I wonder if they can make foam fat fingers to represent this dubious ranking?”

by Allen West

Here we are in the middle of the college football bowl season and the NFL playoffs are about to begin. During this year’s college season, everyone was shooting for that chance to be in the “Final Four” — the four select teams that would play for the coveted College Football championship, the undisputed number one team. One day my Tennessee Volunteers will be in that mix!

But the point is, that’s what America is all about — the drive to be number one. Or at least it used to be.

Who was it that came up with that 1 percent versus 99 percent stuff? Look what happened to the NFL coaches who were in the low end of the 99 percent (and yes, I was embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons performance against the Charlotte Panthers this past Sunday).

Americans like winners and we like to win. Nothing bothered me more than to have to listen to my best friend Simeon, a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan, taunt me about their winning and the Falcons losing. So at this time when we’re all watching our favorite teams and cheering them onto victory — America can stand and cheer, “We’re Number 18!”


Since Obama’s inauguration, US continues to tank on Forbes business ranking – Allen B. West –

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