Allen West Analyzes Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Allen West hits the nail on the head yet again as he appears on FOX to discuss and analyze the migrant crisis across Europe. I especially liked the part where he questions other, non-western, countries for not pitching in to help with this situation.

And he’s totally correct… why is it just the western world?

He said… “Well I think you have to understand it’s a progressive socialist ideology. They don’t respect borders and boundaries and the sovereign status of nations, and if you look and read about what is happening there with Austria, they’re being challenged by Italy because of the EU having the open access across borders.”

“So in other words what Italy is saying is that you have no right to block the transit of these individuals and we know that we have heard and we have seen the evidence of Isis saying that they will infiltrate these are refugee masses.”

He continued… “We’ve seen some of these social disorders and the sexual assaults and rapes that have increased in Germany and elsewhere across Europe, but the real question we have to ask [ourselves]; why aren’t countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia and others stepping up to the plate?”

“We’re taking care of these refugees why do they believe is a responsibility of Western nations to expend their resources to do so”

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